Regulatory Solutions

Canappendix provides regulatory bodies a compliance management solution and provides cannabis operators a cloud based reporting system to manage.

Best-In-Class Solutions For Regulators

Canappendix seed-to-send software is designed to assist government agencies with compliance, enabling regulators to monitor cannabis and hemp cultivation, processing, transportation , destruction, and final sale. The primary objective is to root out illicit markets and ensure public safety through transparency. Canappendix’s track & trace system streamlines reporting capabilities to assist international, state and local governments with collecting taxes, customs clearance, verifying product quality, and eliminating black markets. Canappendix enables accountability across the cannabis life cycle allowing regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis or hemp throughout the production life cycle.

Canappendix RFID Tagging & Tracking System

Canappendix tracks plants and packages with Radio Identification Tags or RFID tags. These tags then get attached to each plant and cannabis package.

Canappendix RFID tagging and tracking system
Canappendix is the recordkeeper of all activities occuring in cannabis facilities. Cannapendix records employees, all plants, changes in rooms or growth phases, transfers, activites within a package tag, waste records, user activities, data and time activities, sales, processing activities, and repackaging.

What is Traceability?


Upon propagation, each plant or clone is assigned a globally unique 16 digit identifier. This identifier record and archives plant phases, additives and employee interactions to ensure accountability and adhere to regulations during the plants' maturation.


All cannabis components are batched by material-type. Batched material receives a new 16 digit identifier that contains plant history since propagation. Batched material includes packaged goods or derivatives such as oil concentrate.

QA Testing

Cannabis and cannabis derivatives are then tested for chemicals, contaminants and other harmful additives prior to entering the market place. Test results, including potency, are automatically assigned and printed on product labels.

Why Traceability?

Canappendix oversight guards against counterfeiting and back-market dealing enabling the tracing of any product back to its originating retail shop, testing facility, distributor, packaging facility and power

What Makes up Canappendix Regulatory System?

  • A web application
  • A mobile application for inspection site
  • Web services
  • A mobile application for industry use


Monitor plant growth in real-time; predict future supply; record strain variances


Track customizations to source material; document waste and destruction; log chain of custody

Point of Sale

Monitor patient efficacy; enforce dispensing limits; effectively communicate recalls

Quality Assurance Testing

Document pesticide usage; record THC/CBD profiles; identify contaminated product


Create manifests; monitor turn-by-turn live routing; manage signature acceptance


Create compliant labels; collect applicable taxes; enforce transparent regulations

Canappendix scans package tags and SKUs to align physical and digital inventory counts with regulatory tracking systems.

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