Founded in 2019, Canappendix is now a leading comprehensive ERP supply chain management solution for cannabis enterprises

Join the team

We are truly excited that you are interested in a career with us! At Canappendix, our team is small and we strive to give our potential teammates the best tight knit experience possible. Our company culture is built on core values that include awareness, encouragement, inspiration, authenticity, accountability & service.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you go through our hiring process:

We are a fully remote company

Though we are based in Long Beach, CA we consider the internet our HQ. Canappendix employs humans from around the world so expect a diverse team and to be primarily working remotely.

Your resume isn't a big deal

Though we believe resumes should be extinct, we invite you to submit any materials of your choice. We believe great people have a unique set of life experiences that aren’t captured through a singular system.

There are 4 segments to our interviews that we conduct along with reference checks:


Beginning Interview

This is where we both ask initial questions


Character Interview

This is where we go over submission materials of your choice and hear about your journey as well as ours


Position Interview

This is where we dive deeper into the specific requirements and qualifications needed for the role. For engineers applying this where you will be given a code challenge


Reference Checks

We speak to at least 2 of your references and you get to meet with one of our founders