Intelligent Solutions Built for Retailers, Distributors & Brands

Canappendix is a comprehensive seed-to-sale solution developed by experienced cannabis professionals who understand exactly what tools and insights cannabis and hemp companies need.

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Get your menus in front of the biggest cannabis audiences in the world and acquire new customers.Once in our network you can give your customers access to your full line of products they can order a pickup or delivery.

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B2B Marketplace

Canappendix’s B2B marketplace has revolutionized the way cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers manage their operations, empowering them to optimize ordering, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work.Make Buying & Selling Easier with Branded, Customizable Storefronts

POS System

Canappendix’s premium point-of-sale system enables your staff to deliver a fast, compliant, and personalized shopping experience from any location. Our intuitive POS dashboard features seamless hardware integration with a variety of tools.

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