Seamless Online Ordering
Made Simple

We make it easy for your buyers to see what you have in stock with an embeddable online menu that enables you to: Showcase your active inventory in real-time across all your product lines. Receive requests within your dashboard from your customers who are interested in placing an order. Host the menu anywhere in your site and leverage modern technology to increase sales

Relationship Management

Scale your business by staying in touch with the pulse of your customers. From managing your leads to ensuring customer retention,Canappendix is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your sales efforts according to your own workflows.

Steer your business forward with an intuitive CRM interface that organizes all your potential sales opportunities and existing customers. Canappendix allows your sales team to view potential deals down the pipeline in a given radius enabling your managers to track opportunities across their sales cycle.

Inventory Management

Empower your team to know how much stock is available, in reserve or in transit so they can manage sales and customer expectations accordingly. Seamlessly, take control of your entire product portfolio and inventory levels with us. Our software offers: Accurate inventory information in real-time across multiple warehouse locations Batch-based product tracking with associated lab test results and expiration dates for each batch.

Order Management

Eliminate the hassles of spreadsheets and create and fulfill sales orders and purchase orders with ease. Create sales or purchase orders on the fly with our mobile friendly, responsive design. Access the order history for any customer or suppliers Email invoices instantly or download them and send them as attachments. Keep your team focused on next steps quickly and easily.

Optimized Cargo + Delivery Tracking

Monitor your sales and deliveries with our map that lets you: assign tasks directly from your dashboard See already assigned tasks for each team member. Our intuitive map solves cannabis industry specific problems by simplifying critical tasks from in-person sales visits to transporting products. Expand your market borders and create a new stream of revenue in your region and beyond. Our delivery tools track your operations and syncs your delivery system with your retail point of sale and inventory in one integrated solution.

Manage Your Metrc Compliance with Confidence

Metrc is a state mandated regulatory track and trace system providing government bodies a compliance management solution to track the movement of cannabis throughout a legal jurisdiction. Metrc WILL NOT ensure you run your business efficiently. However, we will. You can automatically sync supply chain activities from Canappendix to Metrc, in real-time with our seamless integration.

Our experience in the legal cannabis industry has taught us: when it comes to compliance, you can never be too careful. Canappendix comes equipped with rigorous compliance checks into our seed-to-sale cannabis distribution software that can keep up with your business at every scale, in all territories. Once you secure API keys, connect Canappendix directly to the regulatory bodies in your area, so you never have to log into a compliance portal again.

Analytics & Reporting

Get a deeper understanding of your customers and business with the analytics tools provided by Canappendix. Make sense of the data with our easy-to-use interface and downable reports. Improve and optimize the performance of your business with detailed reports and accurate information.

Canappendix helps you identify opportunities for improvement and understand the reasoning behind your data and results. With visual reports, you can get deeper insight into your company and customers and share with your entire team with a click of a button.

Embedded Menus

Canappendix's platform was designed with the cannabis retailer in mind. With this feature, you can start selling on your website with a few lines of code.