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Canappendix is the world’s most trusted & secure supply chain software solution in the legal cannabis industry.

Why Cannabis Enterprises
Trust Canappendix

We get it --running an efficient cannabis enterprise requires being ahead and aligned with all aspects of your business. Canappendix simplifies this by bringing the key elements of your business into a single tool so your entire team moves forward with confidence.

Powering your cannabis enterprise with Canappendix replaces the need for multiple single-purpose softwares, by having your entire business managed in one place.Our technology redefines performance with what truly matters: efficiency.

Intelligent Solutions Built for Retailers, Distributors & Brands

Canappendix is a comprehensive seed-to-sale solution developed by experienced cannabis professionals who understand exactly what tools and insights cannabis and hemp companies need. With a secure, cloud-based solution, you can manage your relationships with vendors, manage tasks, and track all your operational activities.

How Canappendix is Powering Cannabis & Hemp Businesses

If you’re still using spreadsheets to track inventory, sending emails to place orders, or updating a disconnected CRM database to communicate with your customers, you’re missing out on crucial insights and opportunities that will give you a leg up over the competition. Canappendix offers retailers a suite of cloud-based crm tools that provide in-depth analysis of business operations and performance which include: staff, license support,financial forecasting, sales reports, production, inventory and more. Helping you stay connected with the triggers that drive retention. With Canappendix you can shop all your brands in one compliant cart along with streamlined integrated customer, vendor & employee multi-location support.


A Simple Front Of House POS Experience. Canappendix’s premium point-of-sale system enables your staff to deliver a fast, compliant, and personalized shopping experience from any location. Our intuitive POS dashboard features seamless hardware integration with a variety of tools.

Behind the counter or behind the wheel your bud-tenders will have the ability to access customer and product information at their fingertips. Our dispensary Point-of-Sale (POS) solution was created for dispensaries and delivery services to optimize business performance and ensure compliance . Canappendix POS system features include:

  • Automated discounts and loyalty programs
  • Purchase limits
  • Multi-location Tax Support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online ordering/ Order Ahead
  • Employee Management
  • Menu displays
  • Data-driven customer relationship management
  • Automated data entry
  • Customer Intake

Get Visibility and Control

​​Digitized Transportation Documentation
  • Create general manifests to document the movement of product
  • Pair vehicle profiles with employee information on manifests
  • Create invoices for retailers
  • Get full visibility and control of your supply chain and receive notifications
​​Inventory Management
  • Track and trace wholesale
  • Store testing results
  • Manage packaging and customize labels to meet compliance requirements
  • Manage audit/reconciliation process
​​Wholesale Order Management
  • Track and manage partner information
  • Support wholesale sales with order management tool and order status tracking
  • Track costs of goods
  • Record orders and manage payment terms

Our Brand Promise

We’ve been actively working to see the industry grow safely and responsibly. Canappendix’s regulatory solution compiles mandatory compliance data from all licensed cannabis businesses within the legal jurisdiction.


We love to roll up our sleeves and partner with cannabis operators that value curiosity, integrity, mutual respect, compassion with no egos.


We pride ourselves on keeping you compliant with all your jurisdiction’s regulations. Our team has the capacity to keep up with the developing laws in your local area.


We’ll help grow your business with a multi-front approach that hosts your menu anywhere in your site and leverage modern technology to boost retention.

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